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VA’s Center for Women Veterans to highlight, connect and inform

VA’s Center for Women Veterans to highlight, connect and inform women Veterans through outreach and social media
VAntage Point
Department of Veterans Affairs
Danielle Corazza
February 28 2018

The women Veteran population is growing and VA is stepping up to meet the need through innovative programming and services specifically designed to serve women. But, once the programs are deployed, how do we get the word out? How do we ensure that women Veterans self-identify and take advantage of the benefits they’ve earned and deserve? And, how do we capture the sentiment and reality of what women Veterans are experiencing so we can raise those voices to drive effective policy?

My name is Danielle Corazza, and after 15 years serving Veterans from outside the government, I’m thrilled to be the first national outreach coordinator for VA’s Center for Women Veterans. As part of my new role and responsibilities, I’ll be working to expand the center’s outreach efforts through in-person events and digital outreach, primarily in the area of social media. Which leads me to some exciting news.

In conjunction with the Women Veteran Athlete Initiative kickoff and Women’s History Month, we are excited to announce that the Center for Women Veterans is launching women-Veteran dedicated social media channels on March 1. We will use the @VAWomenVets moniker for both Facebook and Twitter – like or follow us to stay informed.

These new accounts will give us greater flexibility in how women Veterans communicate with us and how we disseminate important news, research, events and program information to women Veterans and community stakeholders. All the information from across VA and the Veteran community curated for women Veterans, by women Veterans and in an easily accessible social media streaming format.

We hope you’ll follow us, retweet us and generally get involved in sharing your experiences and thoughts as we develop this new information pipeline. Feel free to send feedback and thoughts as the month progresses – there’s a stellar amount of information of all sorts hitting the presses soon, so stay tuned.
Women's History Month
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