Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bigger problems that claims against Ronny Jackson

Trump's VA secretary nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws

That is the update, but doubt will ever get any answers. (4/26/18)

Question is, who got fired for not doing anything about this guy who was supposed to be keeping 3 presidents healthy if this was going on?

Did the Secret Service do anything to warn President Obama of the stunt in the hallway?
Did the people who saw him giving out drugs like "candy" do anything to warn anyone about him and what he was supposed to be doing?

I don't think he is right for the job, but looks like there are a lot of other people not right for their jobs either! Where are the hearings on who failed 3 Presidents if all of this is true?

White House defends Ronny Jackson against "candy man" accusations
CBS News
Last Updated Apr 25, 2018

Jackson also faces allegations of drinking on the job. Tester told NPR that "in the previous administration, we were told stories where he was repeatedly drunk while on duty." 

The White House continues to defend President Trump's pick to be the next Veterans Affairs secretary, Ronny Jackson, despite mounting questions over Jackson's tenure as White House physician. While Mr. Trump suggested on Tuesday that Jackson would be better off withdrawing his name from nomination, he said the decision was "totally his," and he "would stand behind him."

According to two senior administration sources directly involved in the process, during an Oval Office meeting Tuesday, Mr. Trump also promised Jackson his support. Jackson says he wants a chance to defend himself in public.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, the top Democrat on the Veterans' Affairs Committee, has been talking to reporters about the allegations, among them, that Jackson loosely dispensed sleep-related prescription medications ambien and provigil. "In the White House," Tester told CNN's Anderson Cooper Tuesday, "they call him the 'candy man.'"
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