Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sheriff saved letters while deployed--one from his deputy!

Wisconsin Sheriff Discovers Letter He Got As Soldier Was Written By Deputy Now Working for Him
WSLS 10 News
April 06, 2018

Jim Johnson saved every letter he got while serving overseas in Baghdad with the Wisconsin Army National Guard.
"We received these letters from these young kids. I held on to all of them," said Johnson, who is now the sheriff of Ozaukee County in his home state.

Recently, he was going through some of those old letters and stumbled upon one signed by a fourth-grader at Cedar Grove Belgium Elementary School in Wisconsin.

"Dear soldiers. Thank you for what you all do and are doing for our country. Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas. From Chris Uselding."

The letter was dated 2003.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Chris Uselding is a grown man. And he's been working for as deputy for Johnson for the past few years.
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