Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hearing Veterans Voices Seeking Healing at Waco VA

HEARING THE VETERAN'S VOICE: SUICIDE A panel of veterans who served in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan opened up about what they're experiencing in our series, Hearing the Veteran's Voice. They've been going through a residential rehab program for PTSD at the VA in Waco. In this report they candidly discussed suicide.

If you take nothing else away from this report, read this part.
Was it hard to ask for help?
Joel: "It took me seven years to even talk to a therapist, because I don't trust a lot of people. When I first came back, my very first therapist was Nidal Hasan and when he went and shot up Fort hood, I was called by CID because I was on a list of his. You just feel like you just can't trust anybody, because if you can't trust a soldier, especially a major in the United States Army, then who can you trust?"
It is something that has still not been answered. 

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