Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pestilence of "Awareness"

Pestilence of "Awareness" 
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
May 16, 2018

There is a fatal epidemic spreading across this country and the cure is truth. With all these groups running around the country collecting money, attention and having fun with their stunts, pretending to care veterans are killing themselves, they get away with it because no one wants to know the truth. They just want to pretend to be "doing" something.

It seems as if lies are being passed off as truth to the point where they would fit in perfectly with the four horseman because this distraction has been an apocalypse for veterans!

If they did not read the reports, then what do they actually know? If they did not bother to learn anything, then what are they aware of? Anyone ask them?

What are they doing with the money they collect and what gives them the right to lie? That is the question all of these reporters should be asking. Then again, if no one is holding anyone accountable, veterans will keep being used, and keep dying by their own hand instead of healing.

I've found it almost impossible to be able to stay positive dealing with trying to get this BS of "awareness" out of the way because it is all too easy to get away with ripping people off while pretending to care. 

This is what I see on a daily basis. Keep in mind that these are the top hits on Google today for "veteran suicides" under NEWS. Consider it all fake news! If I hurt the feelings of the "raisers" and the "reporters" too bad because if any of these people really cared enough to learn one single fact, there would be more veterans living and healing instead of ending up in the grave!

Headline:Walk to raise awareness of veteran suicides
Reporter: Denice Thibodeau
More than 8,000 U.S. military veterans commit suicide each year, an average off 22 per day.That statistic galvanized Terry Sharpe, of Summerfield, North Carolina, to do something to help.

Headline:Veterans raise awareness of veteran suicide
Reporter:Kirsten Geddes 
A group of veterans are rucking across America to raise awareness for veteran suicide.The veterans started their journey in Cornado, San Diego on March 10 and have walked 22 miles each day. Approximately 1,025 miles have been walked so far. They plan to end their journey at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Headline:Student group plans veteran suicide awareness march
Reporter:Anthony Rimel

The Student Veterans Association of Oregon State University and local community members are planning a 22-kilometer march Saturday to raise awareness of veteran suicide rates.The distance is inspired by the roughly 22 veterans in the United States who commit suicide each day. 
Headline:Oregon teenage takes his mission to prevent veteran suicides on the road
Reporter:Christie Nicks and Jay Leonardi 

OREGON - An Oregon teenager is taking his mission to help veterans on the road.Connor Young is a high school junior who walked 22 miles last year and raised $4,500 to treat veterans suffering from PTSD. Connor is the first Jr. Leader of Mission 22, an outreach group that hopes to reduce veteran suicides. 
Headline: Run for Heroes: USO partner with non-profit to raise awareness of veteran suicides
Reporter: Stacia Naquin
Supporting our military before, during and after the fight. That’s the goal of Saturday’s Run For Heroes.

It’s happening in partnership with the USO of Central and Southern Ohio and 22 Kill which is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of veteran suicide in the U-S.
Headline:Veterans, active military personnel walk to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention 
Reporter: WHAM

The hike benefited Irreverent Warriors, a non-profit that organizes veteran suicide awareness walks around the country. Statistics say 22 veterans take their lives every day in the United States.
This is where the number came from back in 2012. It is 59 pages long. This is where the newer report came from in 2016. Why did they quote the first number, even though the report said it was limited data from just 21 states and why did they quote the first number two years too late?

Try it yourself and see what I mean. Type in "Veteran Suicide" and see how many come up. I could keep going on and on with this but you get the point. Too bad all these groups and reporters still don't. 

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