Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Yorker Reporter Resigned,,,after blaming others

Ok! So a reporter shared something that turned out to not be true, and now, she is blaming others for doing it?
I screw up all the time because I believe reporters. That is my bad for not taking the time to make sure what they share is in fact true. OK, honestly, I also screw up all by myself but I do try to get it right. I eat crow so often, I carry a salt shaker! 

This person is paid to report news not jump all over something she saw on social media and share as if it is true. 

Writer resigns from ‘New Yorker’ after twitter flap over Pasco Marine’s tattoo
Tampa Bay Times
Howard Altman
Times staff writer
Published: June 22, 2018
Lavin said she "was also a useful foil: a fat Jewish feminist with a Harvard education. ICE said I ‘baselessly slandered an American hero,’ artificially pitted me against a disabled veteran, and engineered a conservative news cycle in which I was a villain."

Talia Lavin, whose tweet about a Pasco veteran’s tattoo implied he was a Nazi, has apologized to him and resigned from her position as a fact-checker at the New Yorker magazine.
But in another tweet, Thursday evening, Lavin also lashed out at the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, saying it unfairly targeted her in its own tweet about combat-wounded veteran Justin Gaertner.

"This has been a wild and difficult week," Lavin said in the tweet. "I owe ICE agent Justin Gaertner a sincere apology for spreading an rumor about his tattoo. However, I do not think it is acceptable for a federal agency to target a private citizen for a good faith, hastily rectified error."

A Twitter storm erupted last weekend after Lavin’s tweet about a cross-shaped tattoo on Gaertner’s elbow drew a response from ICE saying she had "essentially labeled him a Nazi."

Later, Lavin tweeted, "I had become a weapon used to discredit my colleagues and the vital work they do holding power to account. As a result, I have resigned after three years at the New Yorker."

But she also insisted that ICE misled people about her role in the controversy.

"ICE also lied about me, saying I originated the scrutiny of Gaertner’s tattoo," she said in a tweet.
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