Monday, June 18, 2018

Older veterans still do not deserve help for PTSD?

Maybe I have just been in this too long. I guess after 36 years, I should have stopped being driven to total anger by others getting attention for what they are not saying about what they are not doing. But to tell you the truth, I am tired of seeing older veterans killing themselves and none of these new groups care.

Sure I was told a long time ago to not go after groups, but considering they actually came after far too many other groups were out there actually doing the work for all generations, I refuse to let this go unchallenged.

If you are among the "22" or "20" a day people, you rank as low on the scale of what you say verses what you actually do. As you can see in the chart, older veterans did not matter any more than the fact we have 50 states but only 21 mattered in the report. 

This one is about Camaraderie Foundation.

BLACK TIE: Camaraderie Foundation launches 'Saving Lives, Saving Families' campaign reported on West Orange Times.
That’s why Neftali “Nef” Rodriguez, executive director of the foundation, created the “Saving Lives, Saving Families” campaign. The campaign is running throughout June in accordance with PTSD Awareness Month, and the goal is to raise $2 million to reach 1,000 post-9/11 veterans and family members who need counseling, emotional and spiritual support. 
Well at least they got that part right with the mind and spirit but they left the body out. Seems they also left out something else.
There are about 25,000 veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and similar struggles in the state alone — and the foundation can currently only support 300 of them. 
What they do not say is within this number, there are many more veterans who have waited longer, and are in fact the majority of the veterans committing suicide in this country.
The Camaraderie Foundation aims to facilitate access to these services and encourages service members to seek help — without feeling judged or isolated by doing so. But the problem is not so simple:
The $2 million fundraiser for the 1,000 OEF and OIF generation and their families, leaves out the majority of veterans and our families. It isn't as if they did not know this. I was contacted by them after reports came out regarding responders not getting help to heal. I asked them what they did and they said they had groups to send veterans to for help. Just OEF and OIF veterans.

I asked them if they were aware the majority of the veterans committing suicide were over the age of 50 and they said they did. Never got an explanation as to why they choose to leave them out, but the truth is, too many of these groups want to make it seem as if the OEF and OIF veterans are the only ones who deserve help.

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