Saturday, June 16, 2018

PTSD Experts need history lesson

I have been a news hawk for veterans for 36 years now, almost 11 years on this site alone. It does not matter which party control what to my readers and that is why this site was started.

Back in 2007 I received an email from a Marine serving in Iraq. He said he liked to read what I had on PTSD, but hated to have to get through my political BS. Long story short, I made a fool out of myself. He replied with one question. "Are you doing this for yourself or us?" Well, he got his answer because after he opened my eyes, I started Wounded Times. I promised from that moment on, he would only read about politicians when they did something for them or to them.

I kept my word. When President Bush was President, I went after him, and all other politicians. Same thing with President Obama and now, President Trump, as well as every member of Congress.

I love to praise people for being inspirational, heroic, noble, or anyone else doing something for the right reasons. I cannot stand those who take advantage of the troops or veterans, but Stolen Valor and veterans charity rip offs make my blood boil. Experts getting stuff wrong...well, that would be, 

Finding support for Veterans with PTSD in Southwest Georgia seemed like it may be a good article to read. It was not.
June is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and psychologists say many war veterans struggle with this disorder. One Albany psychologist said PTSD with veterans has been pushed to the back, but he said in recent years, it's getting more recognition.
At least he got the June is PTSD Awareness month right...or was that the reporter?

As for the "recent years" just because he did not know what the rest of us knew...yes, decades ago. Where the hell did he think all the programs and research came from?

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