Monday, July 30, 2018

Canada:Police officer's family speaks out about PTSD

Police officer's family speaks out about PTSD
The Nugget
July 29, 2018

Murray Northrup died last year.

Osprey Links Golf Course was Northrup's second home so it was only fitting his family, friends and emergency services paid tribute to the veteran police officer, who served more than 37 years with the Ontario Provincial Police and North Bay Police Service.
Murray Northrup's wife Diane Northrup, his daughter Krista Northrup and Police Chief Shawn Devine of the North Bay Police Service organized and attended the 1st annual Murray Northrup Golf Tournament to recognize Post Traumatic Stress Disorder held at Osprey Golf Course Saturday. Northrup who served as a police officer for more than 37 years committed suicide July 19, 2017 after suffering from PTSD.

“Post traumatic stress is a silent killer. Murray suffered for years,” his wife, Diane, said Saturday.

“He lived to be a cop and died because he was a cop.”

Before his death, Northrup said her husband left several letters to his family and first responders who would be called to the scene the day he died July 19, 2017.

“The letter he sent to his lawyers, about 10 pages in length, detailed all the incidents that have stayed with him. Everything was in there – the dates, times and names over the past 30 years.”

Northrup said her husband saw his first fatal when he was five and that stayed with him for his entire life.

“Murray's dad told him to stay in the car, but he didn't and saw the women who died. He still remembered the dress she was wearing.”

Murray Northrup also made a request in his final letter to his loved ones to do something to help heroes suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

His daughter, Krista, promised she will do whatever she can to answer her dad's request.

The family organized a tribute to Northrup in a way he would appreciate – a golf tournament.
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