Friday, July 20, 2018

Gun to head, Colonel better off not dead because of Dad

Colonel: I pointed the pistol at myself ... then my dad came into my head 
News Letter UK 
Philip Brandfield 
"I thought – I can’t deal with this anymore. At that instant a picture of my father came into my head and he said something to me."
Colonel Philip Ingram

Col Philip Ingram from Co Tyrone, overcame post traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts
A former Army officer who is thought to be the most senior person in the forces to disclose his battle with post traumatic stress disorder, has assured sufferers that “there is hope” and that he has been able to get his “normal” personality back.

Fifty-three-year-old Colonel Philip Ingram, who is originally from Tyrone but now lives in Birmingham, was the most senior British Army intelligence officer in western Iraq in 2005 when a combination of pressures wore him down to crisis point.

Flying across the sector by Chinook on an advance reconnaissance mission, his helicopter was just coming in to land.

“Suddenly a cold shiver went down my back and I just had this feeling, I have to phone back to Basra to the guy I was taking over from,” he said.
He then considered what impact suicide might have on his soldiers who would find him, and put his pistol away. He was “only microseconds” away from taking his life.
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