Monday, July 2, 2018

PTSD Patrol Road Crew Needs You!

This is how we change the conversation from doom and gloom to the message of #TakeBackYourLife and heal PTSD. This is for everyone who has survived traumatic events...including me.
This is a one and one will be given to a veteran or anyone who wants to join the road crew.
If you want to do a video, you get a shirt. Just link it to PTSD Patrol from your own cell phone or YouTube. It has to be positive and related to driving! Much like driving a car, we're trying to get the message across they can take control of the vehicle they live in.
If you want to just be able to open a conversation to let someone in need that you care, you get a T-shirt.
If you want to just get a T-shirt to support this cause, please donate $25 and then you get one and just bought one for the road crew.
Message me your address and the size you want. I'll send you my business cards so that you do not have to talk more than you are comfortable doing.
Also. PTSD Patrol is doing Sunday Morning Empowerment Zone videos. Be sure to check it out!
The money is going directly to my work under my tax exempt with Point Man.

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