Wednesday, July 25, 2018

When the meaning messes up the message

Off topic: Does Walmart know what "ring my bell means?
The lyric "You can ring my bell" was seen as sexually suggestive according to The Slanguage of Sex(1984), "'You can ring my bell any time you want to' would be regarded as a 'come-on' phrase in the US if used by a female," and "Songs like 'Ring My Bell' by Anita Ward caused scarcely a raised eyebrow in the '70s."[9] Billboard magazine included the song on its list of the 50 sexiest songs of all time.
That is almost as dumb as the Nissan commercial with Mony Mony...and kids on the bus singing about "ride the pony" without knowing what that song meant.

That is part of the problem when someone is trying to get you interested in what they have to sell. 

Same thing with the "suicide awareness" raising going on. They do not know the meaning behind the message either. 

In that case, it should have been about making people aware that tomorrow can be better instead of talking about something they do not understand. All that does it take hope away from them and message has opposite result.

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