Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ace Cafe got Cycle Fever Thursday night

Thursday night I was out at Ace Cafe in Orlando for a rare behind the scene recording of Cycle Fever TV because our buddy Sgt. Dave Matthews of Never Forgotten Memorials was their guest. Dave is also on KLRN Radio on, you guessed it, Thursday nights. 
Cycle Fever TV
To Keep Up To Date With Our Special Events, Check Out Our Podcast Every Thursday At 7:30pm EST sharp! We Are Live streaming on YouTube! Check Out Our Social As Well To Check Out What We Are Up To! See Us At Ace Cafe, Where We Regularly Stream!
And yes, bikers! Naturally, between bikers and veterans I felt right at home! 

(On a personal note, to the staff of Ace Cafe, you guys are awesome! Once I explained that basically I have a broken back and climbing stairs up to the tower was not good for me, you guys got me into the elevator! I didn't even know there was one there after being out there several times.)

In these videos it is clear to see that these guys are absolutely passionate about veterans and bikers!

These guys are awesome! I had to make sure I did not bust out laughing since I was standing right in front of them.

John of Cycle Fever and Rick of United States Motorcycle Corps Charities Inc and Hank do one of the funniest shows I've heard and on every other Thursday night.
This is Dave's show that was on when Dave was doing this show.

Remember the Fallen

Shadow Warrior Riders Fundraiser Krystal Parker
October 11, 2018•59 min
As we lose another Patriot "Krystal Parker" to the silent epidemic of 22 every day dying of suicide, we honor, remember and celebrate her life with a Fundraiser Memorial at the Ace Cafe with the assistance of Shadow Warrior Riders Motorcycle Club, LLC, Today's Veteran Organization, Never Forgotten Memorials, Inc. and Adam Martin from black Bird Anthem

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