Saturday, November 3, 2018

American Military News Does Not Understand Deployment Orders?

Fort Hood won’t participate at local vet suicide memorial despite leading nation’s bases in vet suicide

American Military News
Laura Widener
November 2, 2018

A memorial ceremony is slated to be held Saturday to honor veteran suicide, but rather than support the community, Fort Hood has decided not to participate.

Fort Hood loses an average of one or more soldiers to suicide each month, but has declined to be involved in a memorial to commemorate veteran suicide just ahead of the ninth anniversary of a shooting that killed 14 and injured 33 on base.

After initially agreeing to supply 12 soldiers for a one-hour ceremony on Saturday, Fort Hood later said it would not attend the event, citing “prepare-to-deploy” orders.
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“This is important because it could be me and my family struggling. It’s our responsibility as a military community and civilian community to support them after they come home from war.” Theresa Johnson
Well, that is what she said but as one of those struggling with PTSD in my family, as I have for over 3 decades, I have seen what failed and what worked far too many times. I cannot support something that does more harm than good.

Trying to count the number lost to suicide, and then pushing it as all there is to tell, has deadly consequences. It is a price we do not need to pay so that someone can do a display and then complain because Fort Hood will not participate.

These stunts have to stop. Why? These are the results.  

Military suicides have averaged 500 a year since 2012.
Veteran suicides, the ones they counted since anything other than "honorable" discharges are not counted by anyone, are worse.
Want to change the outcome? 

Then do what will prevent suicides! 

Help them heal!!!!

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