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When veterans commit suicides in public

SUICIDE AWARENESS: When veterans commit suicides in public

Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
November 19, 2018

It is an epidemic! All over the country groups of people are having events to raise funds because veterans are killing themselves. What makes it worse is these events are intended to be "fun" times.

This just happened in Florida over the weekend when the American Legion held one of the "awareness" events. This is the flyer they used to promote it.

Pay close attention to this part.
Nov. 17th, 2018
Challenge 22 - 2.2 Mile "Ruck" Walk and Block Party
Come out to join the Winter Garden American Legion Post 63, in partnership with the Crooked Can Brewery,  and our community for a walk , block party and a day of camaraderie to raise awareness for PTSD and Suicide in Veterans. 

Bring your family and friends to join the hike or just come out to enjoy the festivities, there will be something for everyone! Again, the goal is to have a great time, while raising awareness to a tragic epidemic of 22 suicides per day due to PTSD and lost HOPE.
While some keep focusing on the very public suicide of the veteran after he opened fire at the Borderline Bar, the truth is, more veterans are more dangerous to themselves, than to anyone else.

Yet this is list of suicide awareness, by veterans who committed suicide IN PUBLIC AS A SCREAM FOR HELP!

How much louder to they have to scream?

Last year veterans were facing off with law enforcement almost every week, maybe even more, but while these reports should have been national news, they were ignored.

Oh well, it is just so much easier to just use a number as if that is supposed to make any difference to the men and women screaming for help to stay alive.

When veterans commit suicide in a very public way, that is exactly what it is. Oh, not help for themselves. They have already made up their minds it is too late for them. They are screaming for someone to do something to help the other veterans! Like these;

(UPDATE: Added more from this year)

January 2018

Clinton Michigan
Veteran committed suicide at East Olive Elementary School

February 2018

Army veteran dead after SWAT Standoff 

March 2018

Yountville California
Veteran and hostages dead at PTSD program

Vietnam veteran committed suicide in Sheridan Police Department Parking lot after calling dispatch to let them know where he was.

Joint Base Lewis McChord Airman committed suicide after killing his family.

Suicide by cop, Marine veteran


Suicide by Cop: Duane served in the Air Force for 16 years, completing three tours overseas. 

Soldier dead after standoff at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Air Force Veteran dead after police were called to help him.

St. Louis
62 year old veteran committed suicide in John Cochran VA Medical Center waiting room

April 2018

Boynton Beach
76 year old Vietnam veteran committed suicide in Boynton City Hal parking lot. Not first time this happened. 

It happened last year in Amarillo Texas when a veteran shot himself in front of the VA hospital.

May 2018

Airman at Cannon Air Force Base found dead in Ned Houk Park

June 2018

Fort Knox 
21 year old Private committed public suicide at Clarksville High School after he stole a gun.

Vietnam veteran committed suicide at in the VA emergency room.

Colorado Springs
Hours after being discharged from a mental health treatment facility, 38-year-old disabled veteran Lee Cole hiked into a wilderness area in southwest Colorado Springs with a backpack and the cellphone on which he planned to record his final message.

Navy Veteran set himself on fire in front of Georgia Capitol protesting the VA system. 

Not first time this happened. It also happened in New Jersey last year.

Norfolk Navy Yard
Sailor walked into helicopter blade, death ruled suicide.

July 2018

Air Force veteran shot family, and himself after setting house on fire.

Chicago Police Officer and Marine veteran committed suicide in parking lot of police station.

Phoenix AZ
Veteran shot himself inside the VA Hospital Chapel 

Not the first times since it happened last year when a 33 year old veteran shot himself at the VA.

August 2018
Employee found dead inside Topeka VA Medical Center office
A Veterans Affairs employee died Tuesday morning inside an administrative office at Topeka’s Colmery O’Neil VA Medical Center. Joe Burks, spokesman for the VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System, said the employee died of an apparent suicide.
Suicide in Mishawaka VA parking lot puts spotlight on veteran mental health crisis
A veteran shot himself yesterday in the parking lot of the VA Health Care Center in Mishawaka -- dead from an apparent suicide.

November 2018 
Gunshot in lobby of Nashville VA Medical Center

NOW THAT IS SUICIDE AWARENESS! Veterans commit suicide in public so that other veterans will get the help they did not find for themselves. It is not that the help is not out there, but they cannot find it because all of the people having fun with stunts are getting in the way!

UPDATE Add jumping rope in Chicago to the list of stunts. This one was to raise funds for something that has been researched for decades...and does not work. Read more about how veterans got snookered.

From 2010 we have this piece of news about the "God shot" as you will read in the next event. In 2011 this was the report about the "blocker" they want to raise funds for. This is from 2015 about ganglion block no better than a placebo.
During the "Jump for Vets" charity event, around 70 people pushed themselves to do 2,200 jumps, or the equivalent of 100 jumps for every veteran that takes their own life each year. Sponsored by Rags of Honor, the charity event aims to raise around $15,000 to provide medical care for soldiers battling PTSD... The money raised will also go towards helping veterans to undergo a nerve block procedure called a stellate ganglion block, also known as the "God Shot," which eases PTSD symptoms, and could ultimately curb the veteran suicide rate.

Just because they know how to raise money, that does not mean they know what they are advertising! 

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