Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If you take a knee to National Anthem, you may want to think again

Children of fallen service members were sent off with a crowd at the airport singing the National Anthem. Yet we still have people in this country who think protesting during the anthem is OK and sends a message. Did they ever wonder what kind of message they were delivering?

"But when they announced them over the loud speaker and they lined up to board the plane the whole airport literally stopped and sang the national anthem with military present in salute. Most every person standing around, myself included was bawling at the sight of these kids and spouses who have paid so great a price for our country. To see all of this at Christmas time was so humbling. 
The vacations for the Gold Star families were coordinated by the Gary Sinise Foundation's Snowball Express Program. According to a press release provided by the organization, the foundation will "host a five-day experience for 1,722 children of the fallen and their surviving parent or guardian. This therapeutic retreat will offer fun and inspiring programs, encouraging critical peer-to-peer support for these families." read more here from FOX
These children remember the flag that was placed over their parent's coffin. The one that folded and placed into their other parent's hands and then held tightly in their arms. They remember the flag that is on display in a case next to the picture of the parent they will never be held by again.

Much like all the following, the message they receive from the protestors is not as harmless as the protestors claim.

Boy from iconic wartime photo pays it forward at Christmas

'Taps' for Canadensis soldier: Military funeral honors Monroe's first death in Afghanistan war - News - poconorecord.com - Stroudsburg, PA

Danielle Huggins, widow of Army Staff Sgt. Jamie L. Huggins 

You can search for more images in case you are still wondering what the flag means to them...because if you take a knee the next time during the Anthem, they'll know what it means to you.

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