Friday, December 14, 2018

Stop contributing to downfall of our veterans

If you are still on the "suicide awareness" kick and having fun with the stunts, tell the families left behind how much you enjoyed it!

San Diego Veterans Suicide Rate Highest in State

Read the rest of the story here, but this part is important;
Kathy Shott works with Survivors of Suicide Loss, counseling families who have dealt with suicide.
She is a retired Air Force officer. Her son, Tony, was deployed to Iraq in 2010. He killed himself on Christmas Day in 2013. 
Shott said she knew her son was having trouble. He was living halfway across the country. He had had a messy divorce. He was in the middle of a custody battle over his young son and it wasn’t going well.

“I know I talked to Tony all the time, but I didn’t hear the pain at that time,” she said. She said he had just gone into the VA two days before Christmas.

She is a retired military officer and she still has to grieve for her son. Want to explain it to her?

This part is also important because it shows that they do not really know how many veterans are committing suicide in California...yet.
As part of the regulations, California will require listing the deceased veteran status on death certificates.

“The bill requires that the status be completed by whoever fills out the death certificate, which will mostly be the funeral home and the family. And the second part of that bill is the state will then give that info to the VA,” Campman said.
So, for all the people out there "raising" awareness, maybe now you will finally open your eyes, swallow your pride and admit your awareness was based on crap! You shared something that was not true, but worse, you shared what failed. Did you really think any of what you did would end the stigma that was killing more of them?

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