Saturday, February 16, 2019

#BreakTheSilentService and stop being speechless

Suicides tied to service...speechless

Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 16, 2019

Maybe it is the margarita I had with dinner tonight, but I've been sitting here for a while, reading about more suicides, and shaking my head...totally speechless.

None of these suicides make sense. Can someone please give me a reason that would explain how someone values lives so much, they are willing to die to save someone else...then take their own life?

How does that work? How do they reach that as the solution to their problems when there are so many other options for them? 

How do they have no problem asking for help, or backup, when the odds are stacked against them being able to prevent deaths, but cannot open their mouths to do the same when it is their life on the line? Any ideas?

Within all the reports I read, there are others that tell how they will go to great lengths to prevent the suicide of a stranger.

It happened here in Orlando when an amputee veteran had a knife to his throat and then asked Officer Wesley Cook to put a bullet in him. 

Officer Cook, a veteran as well, talked to the veteran about what can happen for him, instead of the only thing he was thinking about.
Officer Cook showed patience and compassion for the veteran in crisis and it changed the outcome because he understood what was going on.

So again, tell me how it is that this officer, knew what was going on within the mind of this veteran, but so many police officers are taking their own lives all over the country? 159 did last year.

It happens to Firefighters too. Even volunteer firefighters like "Tim Ebert died by suicide last week" in Wisconsin.

"He was a student at UW-Platteville. So, between being a student working part time and being a volunteer on the Fire Department, he was a pretty busy guy," Simmons said. 
We know suicides in the military are up as well in the veterans community. What we do not know is how to get the nonsense out of their conversations and start real ones that can help them make sense out of their lives. 

They still do not understand what PTSD is!!!!

If we get them to see how none of this makes sense...then maybe they'll have a chance to make sense out of their lives.

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