Sunday, February 3, 2019

Chicago Police Officer Found Dead

Chicago police Sgt. Lori Rice found dead in apparent suicide

ABC 7 News
By Will Jones and Alexis McAdams
60 minutes ago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 47-year-old off-duty Chicago police sergeant was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.

The officer was identified as Sgt. Lori Rice, a 21-year veteran of the police department who worked in the 12th District.

Rice was found at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the 900 block of South Bell, just off Taylor Street, in a vehicle on Chicago's West Side.

This is the second suicide this year involving a Chicago police officer. Last year, four CPD officers died of suicide.

Sunday morning, a procession followed as the officer's body was taken to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.
watch video here

If you think they will not be there for you, think again. Did you see the line of police cars escorting her body? Do you think they would have helped her if they knew she needed it? #BrakeTheSilentService and #TakeBackYourLife


  1. I personally knew Lori. Words cannot describe the pain we feel right now. None of us saw this coming. Lori was a rock - solid, rationale, caring, giving. Whatever pain she was struggling with internally, she kept it very close. Still trying to accept this actually happened. Please don't put those you love through this. It's ok to ask for help. The damage you do to others by taking your own life lasts a lifetime for those that love you.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. Too many think they are a burden and their family will be better off without them, instead of doing whatever it takes to heal and share the healing with those who love them. If only I could get through to all of them what PTSD actually is, then maybe the end would change. I survived events that were supposed to set off PTSD 10 times, and 5 of them were before the age of 10. I am a survivor of all of them and stopped being a victim of all of them. I trained to help first responders because I am an example of early intervention and what comes with struggling to recover. I spent the last 36+ years trying to get the point across but few even know I exist.
    The fact that civilians get PTSD from one event, compared to the multiple times all of you are exposed on the job, should not be something to suck up and remain silent about. It should be something to fight like hell to defeat! It is those who serve who have the hardest time asking for help because they do not understand the facts, they only know the twisted thoughts of fools who judge instead of lead. My heart grieves every time I learn about another one choosing to leave instead of fight. #TakeBackYourLife

  3. I met Sgt. Lori once. In that meeting everything the anonymous user described her as is what I witnessed. IN ONE MEETING. It's OK to seek help, that's what we all feel. But the fact of the matter is we as a community need to take that stand and let the heads of the Police departments know that it is OK. That no police officer should ever feel that taking their own life is the only option because of the fear of appearing unfit for the job. Let's be realistic, that's the problem. I am in the process to become a police officer for the department and I see how they pick apart individuals that should have never been picked apart and award those who SHOULD HAVE been picked apart. They say this won't be held against you but are so hypocritical especially in the hiring process. I can't imagine how those suffering would feel safe to open up to their own personnel if they already know how it all goes. RIP SGT. RICE.

  4. Are we sure she killed herself? She was with her boyfriend, another CPD Sgt, in the car when she allegedly shot herself. She was not found. He was with her. Coverup.


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