Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kansas National Guard Captain quit in protest for more to be done on preventing suicides!

This is the kind of Captain the military needs to keep because she cared more about those she was leading than her career! Captain Fields YOU JUST MADE A DIFFERENCE BY TAKING A STAND LIKE THIS!

Kansas National Guard Captain Submits Resignation in Wake of Suicides

Topeka Capital Journal
By Katie Moore
Posted Apr 6, 2019
When Fields tried to elevate concerns, she said she felt like addressing suicide wasn’t a priority for guard leadership. And while she said she doesn’t want to play “the female card,” she believes being vocal as a woman isn’t always well-received.

Fields said by speaking out, she has a lot to lose, but hopefully something will be gained.

“We have to hold our organization accountable,” Fields said. “We are not doing right by our soldiers.”

A captain in a Kansas National Guard brigade that experienced several suicides in six months said she has submitted a letter of resignation after concerns about the issue weren’t taken seriously enough by leadership.
The National Guard has a higher suicide rate than other branches of the military, including active-duty soldiers, a report from the Department of Defense said. However, the Kansas National Guard has a lower rate than guards in many other states, said Maj. Jason Davee.

Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli said the Kansas National Guard has had nine suicides in the past five years, three of which were in the past 18 months.

Additionally, a civilian who worked in the guard’s behavioral health department died by suicide last summer, and a man who had just been discharged died earlier this year. Their deaths weren’t included in official numbers, said Capt. Tara Fields.

Fields has served 12 years in the military, eight on active duty. She joined the Kansas National Guard just over a year ago as a behavioral health officer.
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If you want to know why there has been more military members committing is because leaders like her are not being heard! They hear her now! Pass this on and make sure other units hear her too!


  1. My son was one of the many lives the KSANG has claimed and CPT Fields was the only one who showed any initiative to assist him after his best friend committed suicide, as well. She is a HERO for taking a stand and I will back her in my son's name! God bless you, CPT Fields!

    1. I am so sorry about your son, and sharing that. It must have been hard, but God bless you for writing that tribute to this leader. The military needs more like her...not less!


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