Thursday, May 16, 2019

82-year-old Vietnam veteran ripped off by woman he tried to help

update Exploited DeLand Veteran Lands Big Donations

update Florida couple left veteran, 82, suicidal after emptying his bank account, police say

Woman accused of emptying DeLand veteran's life savings

Claire Metz
May 14, 2019

A Central Florida veteran called a service center saying he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to die.

Police said they believe the veteran was scammed out of his life savings and left with nothing.

Jessica Henry, 31, is accused of cleaning out an elderly man's bank account by lying to him and taking advantage of his good nature, according to police.

Police said the 82-year-old victim contacted the veterans crisis center and told them he wanted to commit suicide due to his money being depleted.

Investigators said the victim met Henry three years ago when she told him she was a single mother who was struggling to feed her kids.

The victim started giving Henry rides to drop her children off at school and gave her a few dollars to purchase food, officials said.

Police said six months ago, Henry contacted the victim again and said she needed money for probation costs after being arrested.
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  1. A GoFundMe page was started by a veteran out of Alaska:


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