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Same General Bull on stellate ganglion block

update:just found an old post on this and how they also found Bigfoot!

Medal of Honor recipient praises revolutionary neck injection treatment for PTSD

Military Times
By: J.D. Simkins
June 18, 2019
Two years later, the Army received a $2 million grant from the Department of Defense to begin a randomized, three-year study to test the effects of the treatment on a group of 240 veterans afflicted by PTSD
A patient is administered the SGB treatment by doctor and former Navy SEAL Sean Mulvaney. (Dr. Sean Mulvaney) A therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder that some doctors believe will “revolutionize the way PTSD is handled” was the subject of a recent “60 Minutes” report featuring a number of afflicted veterans, including one Medal of Honor recipient.

The breakthrough treatment, called stellate ganglion block, or SGB, has been shown to significantly diminish various symptoms of PTSD, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

By injecting an anesthetic that numbs a bundle of nerves at the base of the neck, the SGB treatment dulls the area that serves as the body’s “fight or flight” response transmitter, providing instantaneous relief from some of the epidemic’s most chronic symptoms.

The shot, which was initially used to treat women experiencing menopausal hot flashes, is meticulously administered using ultrasound imagery to track the injection’s precision. Its results, meanwhile, are almost immediate and can last for months.

“I feel like a million pounds was taken off me,” Medal of Honor recipient and Marine veteran Dakota Meyer told “60 Minutes” immediately after being administered one of the shots.
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First...this is not new, so the "revolutionary" claim is about as old as the actual Revolutionary war we had. This is just one more thing that proves when it comes to "prevention of suicides" and spending money, the tax payers have all been snookered!

Now, take a look at this piece of news

A nearly century-old anesthesia technique is showing promise as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, relieving symptoms in 70 percent of combat veterans who received it once or more, according to a new review.

The therapy, stellate ganglion block, or SGB, quelled symptoms of PTSD, such as sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression, as measured by a checklist in nearly 100 service members suffering from combat-related stress within a week of treatment, according to the report published in October.

SGB involves injecting an anesthetic into a bundle of nerves — the stellate ganglion — that sits near the base of the neck.

In some cases, the shot, given under general anesthesia and guided to the exact spot by a physician using an ultrasound, gave instantaneous relief to patients with chronic PTSD symptoms, according to the review of cases published in the journal Military Medicine.

"Among patients with one-week followup (after injection), 78.6 percent of responders had an average reduction of their PTSD checklist score" of 22 points, the study noted.
That was reported on Military Times...in 2014!  If it worked...they would have been mass producing it!

Now, check this part out from the same article.

To date, Lipov has treated 40 military or veteran patients with PTSD, he said, largely financing the $1,000 cost per treatment through donations or out of his own pocket.The patients have paid for little besides a hotel room in Chicago for appointments, he said.

According to a new VA study of 60,000 post-9/11 veterans, 13.5 percent screened positive for PTSD.

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