Sunday, August 11, 2019

Reprehensible takers stole from Vietnam Veterans of America

Thieves take boxed donations slated for veterans; Resident not happy about it

WHIO 7 News
By: J. Frazier Smith
August 09, 2019

HUBER HEIGHTS — A military veteran is not happy about the thief or thieves who took six of the 13 boxes of donated household items his wife put out in front of their Huber Heights home for a veteran's organization.

"I think it's pretty low," the man said Friday afternoon, asking not to be identified by name. "It's the principal. Here I am trying to help veterans and somebody's being a thief."

He didn't call police because they couldn't do anything about the theft of the boxes, which he said contained clothes, silverware, boots, a toy box and more.

The man said his wife put the boxes out Friday morning and went to shower. By the time she got out, 10 minutes later, the six boxes were gone.

"We were just downsizing and didn't need the stuff," the man said. "They wanted it more than the veterans."
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This story infuriates me!

Two weeks ago, we had Vietnam Veterans of America come to pick up a huge donation of furniture, household items and clothes. We are also downsizing, for a move to New Hampshire.

We could have had a yard sale and made a lot of money. We could have donated to any of the other groups out there. We decided to donated to the group who represents my Vietnam veteran husband and fights for all veterans.

Vietnam Veterans of America make it easy for people to donate. You pick the date and where you want to put your items and they come to pick them up. Really easy for generous givers and receivers, but makes it easy for reprehensible takers too.

Will I do it again after reading this story? You bet! Once we see what size house we are moving into, there will be more happily donated from us to the VVA!

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