Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Were veterans lied to by the VA Secretary?

Did Department of Veterans Affairs Head Lie to Veterans?

It appears that the Secretary of the VA does not know the history of the VA or he would not have tried to blame Obama for religious groups being shut out of the VA.

I went to Walter Reed as a Chaplain and was not allowed to give certain items to the wounded. I handed them over to Chaplain Services and they gave the gifts away for me.

The practice started before President Obama got into office.
But this issue had nothing to do with the Obama administration, found.

The VA chapel in Iron Mountain had been found to be in noncompliance with Spiritual and Pastoral Procedures that were established by the Department of Veterans Affairs and most recently revised in July 2008, six months before Obama became president.

Those procedures require chapels at VA facilities be maintained as “religiously neutral” whenever they are not being used by chaplains for services associated with a particular faith: The rules state that no permanent religious symbols are to be incorporated in the construction or renovation of chapels.
But this is the headline from The Washington Times and shows what happens when a news source does not care if something is true or not.

VA secretary rejects Obama religious expression rules: 'They did not know the makeup of the force'

Robert Wilkie, the soft-spoken and managerial-minded secretary of Veterans Affairs, went public in a big way this summer when he said he refused to be “bullied” by a federal lawsuit claiming a Bible on display at a New Hampshire VA hospital violated the separation of church and state.

In an interview with The Washington Times in his office at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Wilkie said displaying a Bible in a VA hospital is a matter of liberty and that the Obama administration erred in trying to eliminate religious symbols from the veterans health care system.
Not so much on reliable reporting on that one!

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