Monday, September 16, 2019

IG reports US Bomb Sniffing dogs were mistreated in Jordan

IG Report: US Sent Bomb-Sniffing Dogs to Jordan, Then They Died from Poor Care

Stars and Stripes
By Chad Garland
13 Sep 2019
For more than 20 years, the State Department has provided bomb-sniffing dogs to foreign countries. But the program came under scrutiny in May 2018, nearly a year after a complaint left on an IG hotline alleged a lack of oversight, insufficient health care for the animals and poor working conditions.
A malnourished Jordanian bomb-sniffing dog named Mencey is seen in an April 2018 photo taken when a team of veterinary workers traveled from the U.S. to prevent an outbreak of insect-borne illness among U.S.-trained working dogs the State Department provided to Jordan. (U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL)
The U.S. government continued to provide dozens of bomb-sniffing dogs to the Kingdom of Jordan, even as the animals were dying of serious health problems and others were so poorly treated that they had "lost the will to work," a government evaluation found.

Since 2008, at least 12 U.S.-trained explosive detection canines provided to the kingdom under an antiterrorism program died from medical problems. Others were overworked, unhealthy and forced to live in kennels with "barely existent" sanitation, including some where a deadly virus was rampant, officials said.
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