Friday, March 20, 2020

Homeless veterans being kicked out of Fort Thomas VA to make room for COVID-19 patients

Veterans say they are being forced to leave Ft. Thomas VA with no place to live

by Christian Hauser
March 19th 2020
“I was told that everyone was being discharged. You know, no warning, no nothing. They just told us all we have to pack our stuff and we have to find somewhere to go,” Bevis said.
FT. THOMAS, Ky. (WKRC)- Navy veteran Timothy Bevis has been in the Ft. Thomas VA Domiciliary program for about a month.

“The VA was somewhere I knew I could get myself back together at,” Bevis said. “They help you find housing. They help you with your finances. They help you make a budget out. They’re just very helpful and it’s been a very good program."
Bevis says he was at a job interview Thursday and when he got back to the domiciliary, he got some shocking news.

Cincinnati VA Chief Communications Officer Todd Sledge says the vets are being asked to leave. It's because the VA is creating room for the possible influx of coronavirus patients it could see in the coming weeks.
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  1. This is disturbing news and a slap in the face to all our veterans who served to protect our great country. Shame on the VA hospital Fort Thomas Kentucky. Honoring our veteran's. What liars

    1. It is very disturbing, but what makes it worse is that they are now talking about using the VA to treat civilian patients without considering the fact most of our veterans using the VA are seniors and will need the beds in the hospitals that are supposed to be dedicated to them.

      "The department is experienced in managing an older and vulnerable population, and in many ways, it could be better prepared than the rest of the health care system to take on the task. It has a surplus of beds in many of its 172 hospital centers and a robust number of special rooms for patients with breathing disorders. Leaders at the agency say they have a surplus of supplies that they have been ordering since the beginning of the year."


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