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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Deployed Apache helicopter pilot's home robbed, by "friend"

This is a soldier deployed in Afghanistan
Deputies in Halifax County received a report of the break-in on Elwyn Drive on Oct. 18. Jeff Foley says his son, CWO2 Brad Foley, flies Apache helicopters and is deployed with the North Carolina National Guard.

And this is the "friend" who took advantage of deployment.

Deployed soldier's home ransacked by childhood friend

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chief Warrant Officer's worst enemy turned out to be burning garbage

Burn pit exposure cuts Poquoson soldier's career short
January 13, 2013
By Hugh Lessig

Before he got sick, before the tremors, memory lapses and surgeries, Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Lamprecht guarded his buddies from an Apache attack helicopter, with Hellfire missiles at his fingertips.

The 40-year-old Poquoson native completed four combat deployments from 2003 to 2010: three to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

He'd go back tomorrow if he could.

The narrow front seat of the lethal gunship was his second home, surrounded by laser range finders and target designators, a video monitor near his lap, a side-mounted helmet camera that offered a view similar to a two-way mirror.

That kind of multitasking and razor-sharp communication would be impossible today. Lamprecht can't feel much below his knees, and the simple act of standing up can make him dizzy.

"Sometimes my feet don't do what I want them to," he said. "I'll stammer my tongue. I know what I want to say, but my tongue just vapor-locks and I won't make the word."

He can't blame the Taliban or al-Qaida, and it wasn't battle stress or nerves.

His worst enemy turned out to be burning garbage.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

British troops in Afghanistan injured by friendly fire

British troops in Afghanistan injured by friendly fire
James Sturcke, Thursday July 10, 2008

Nine British troops have been injured in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said tonight.

The soldiers were mistaken for Taliban forces by a British Apache helicopter during a skirmish yesterday in Helmand province.

The most seriously injured soldier has been airlifted back to the UK and is in a stable condition, the MoD said. Another two are under observation at the British field hospital at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

The remaining casualties suffered light injuries and have returned to duties.

The "blue-on-blue" incident happened when a routine British patrol requested air support after encountering hostile forces near a forward operating base called Gibraltar, the MoD said.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

US Missile Hits US Humvee In Baghdad

Errant missile from helo destroys U.S. vehicle

The Associated Press
Posted : Sunday Apr 13, 2008 10:36:01 EDT

BAGHDAD — The U.S. military says an Apache helicopter has accidentally destroyed one of its own armored vehicles in eastern Baghdad.

The military says the incident occurred Saturday afternoon, when the chopper spotted a group of four militants placing roadside bombs. It says a Hellfire missile hit the group, killing two gunmen.

Sunday’s statement says that a second Hellfire was then launched. But it missed its target and struck a U.S. armored vehicle instead.

Iraqi police confirm that a Humvee was set ablaze in the Mashtal area of eastern Baghdad. They say two U.S. soldiers and three Iraqi civilians were wounded and that American troops immediately blocked off the neighborhood.