Friday, June 7, 2013

Finally Congress does something helpful for PTSD troops

This is one of the times when reporters caused change. All the media hype on what has been going on for years in the IRS and over National Security, as if these things just happened, ignoring something that they could have done something about for the sake of the troops has me sick to my stomach. With the 24-7 news cycle now, you'd think they would have some time to cover our troops and veterans but they just ignored what they were going through.

If you have been reading Wounded Times, you've read all the articles The Gazette did on what is really going on in the military. Congressman Mike Coffman, an Iraq veteran, paid attention and decided to do something about it.

Congress eyes changes to military discipline
The Gazette
By Dave Philipps
June 7, 2013

Congress moved Wednesday to review and possibly overhaul the military discipline system to keep wounded combat troops from being discharged for bad behavior related to post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and other war wounds.

Rep. Mike Coffman, a Denver-area Republican who is on the House Armed Services Committee, introduced an amendment to the 2014 Defense Authorization Act that would create a 10-member Commission on Military Behavioral Health and Disciplinary Issues.

The commission would study whether the military discipline system needs to change in light of emerging research on the connection between PTSD and TBI and behavioral problems that can get troops in trouble.

The House Armed Services Committee also voted late Wednesday to change current military regulations to require all service members facing court-martial to first have a medical evaluation for PTSD and TBI.
"The Gazette's investigation brought the issues to my attention," said Coffman, an Iraq War veteran who represents the suburbs east of Denver. "There is a problem. We need to analyze the problem and take action."
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The congressional commission
- Ten experts will be appointed within a month of passage of the bill. Two will be appointed by the president. Two will be appointed by the Republican chair of the House Armed Services Committee. Two will be appointed by the ranking Democrat of the House Armed Services Committee. Two will be appointed by the Democrat chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. And two will be appointed by the ranking Republican of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
-They will consider whether the military discipline system needs reforms to address the impact of service-connected injuries such as PTSD and TBI.
- They may hold hearings and collect information from the Department of Defense.
- They are to report their findings to Congress and the President by June 30, 2014.
This is Coffman on Military Sexual Assaults

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