Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travis Mills ignores how much he gives while prasing others

After reading about Travis Mills all this time it is easy to figure out this guy has a tiny little ego. He is always so ready to praise what others do for him while he is clueless on how much he gives. He is an example of what we look like isn't who we are. That after surviving the loss of all four limbs, he can still stand up for what he believes in. He isn't letting anything stop him. If you read Wounded Times, you've seen every news report on him and there are plenty. Too bad the military doesn't have an award for being an inspiration to others.
Quadruple Amputee veteran beats odds and motivates other veterans
Samantha Edwards
July 15, 2014

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was serving in Afghanistan when an IED exploded causing him to lose all four of his limbs. Two years later and Mills is using his story to motivate other veterans. Travis approaches his story with a sense of humor.

Travis is not shy and has made a lot of friends along the way to help make his dream a reality; The Travis Mills' Project. It is a non-profit organization, aimed at benefiting and assisting wounded and injured veterans and their families.

Travis said, "For the veterans I think guys go home and it is not the same. When they went home from world war two and they had 30 or 40 guys from the same town. Now, you go home and you have maybe two or three because the war is not as big anymore."

The Travis Mills home will be unveiled in Manchester Maine in August. Travis describes it as a place for veterans to visit with their families to help reintegrate.

"Become more family oriented as well as bring guys out and talk about what they are going through and things like that. So that way there are less suicide rates, less ptsd. For me, family is what got me through," explained Mills.
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