Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"A suicide attempt in an Army unit can lead to more"

Stunning, since after all these years they still can't figure out why healing isn't as contagious as suicide.

A suicide attempt in an Army unit can lead to more, study finds

"Historically, you were protected from suicide when you went in the Army. Rates of suicide were about half of those in the civilian population, and around 2009, they increased to above that of the civilian population and they remained high since then," said Ursano, who was lead author of the new study.
(CNN)Marc Raciti had the tree picked out. 

Positioned on a rolling Hawaiian hillside along the North Shore in Oahu, where the now-retired United States Army major was stationed, that tree was where Raciti said he planned to take his last breath. He planned to hang himself.

As a physician assistant, Raciti had been deployed five times, twice to Iraq, and mourned the suicide deaths of three medics who served with him. He suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and often fantasized about suicide.

"I did lose three medics after coming back from Iraq to suicide, which exasperated my PTSD, but mine is of survivor's guilt for the ones I could not save," Raciti said.

The US Department of Defense has continued to investigate what factors might influence a military member's risk of suicide attempt, and a new study suggests that previous suicide attempts in a particular unit of members can play a significant role.

Marc Raciti, the retired US Army major, said that he kept his silent suffering a secret from those around him, including both his military family and biological family, because of that stigma.
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If you really want to learn more, then watch the video attached to this. They are talking about when Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard actually put the blame on soldiers committing suicide on the soldiers in 2012. Not much has changed, other than the numbers have gone up since then, and not in a good way.

But here are a few more blasts from the past if you think any of this is new.

Yes, that says 2005

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