Sunday, October 7, 2018

Older veterans need to lead the way, not get out of it

The more I think about the fact that older veterans have waited longer for all the benefits they fought so hard for, the more I want to scream "Stop getting out of the way and start leading it again!"

Vietnam veterans led the way for gaining treatment and compensating for PTSD. Yes, that is right, old guys! The ones who did it without social media or even computers.

Now we have First Responders being treated for what their jobs did to them. Oh, you guys get that, since most of you went into those careers too. Who else will they listen too other than those who walked the walk since before they were in baby walkers? 

You are the majority of veterans in this country. Sadly, veterans over the age of 50, are also the majority of the suicides.

What are you waiting for? You have a lot of time on your hands now, so how about you use that time to actually make your golden years glitter?

Go to PTSD Patrol and see if you can become the inspiration to save some lives, beginning with your own!

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