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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Breaking news: Suspected suicide at OIA


OIA implements new safety measure after TSA worker jumped to his death

Investigators say the 36-year-old Robert Henry finished his TSA shift earlier this month. Henry, who had worked for the TSA for more than 12 years, then made his way to an upper level of the Hyatt Regency hotel, which has indoor balconies overlooking the large atrium that encloses the airport's security checkpoint.

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Co-workers and friends of the TSA agent learned of his death during a meeting where they were getting information about resources available if there is another shutdown this month. TSA union representatives said crisis counseling is available to people in an effort to try to help them deal with everything going on.

TSA agent dead after jumping from balcony inside Orlando International Airport, police say

Travelers with flights at gates 70-129 will be re-screened, delays possible By Anna Johnson - Digital Journalist
ORLANDO, Fla. - A Transportation Security Administration agent is dead after he jumped from a balcony in the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Orlando International Airport, according to officials from the Orlando Police Department.

In a tweet, OPD officials said the man jumped into the atrium area of the airport Saturday morning. A statement from TSA officials said he fell, though they also said that it will be up to law enforcement to officially determine the cause of death.
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Some are connecting the shutdown and threat of another one as part of the reason. 
This is from Click Orlando
The apparent suicide comes after a 35-day shutdown, in which TSA and federal employees went without pay. 
"Our @TSA Officers have already suffered so much during the #GovernmentShutdown," Rep. Darren Soto posted on Twitter. "This apparent suicide only adds to tragedy experienced at Orlando Int'l. Our prayers go out to his family and coworkers after this difficult loss." 
"TSA agents have some of the toughest jobs, and these public servants often sacrifice a lot in order to keep us safe at our nation's airports," Rep. Stephanie Murphy said. "My thoughts today are with his family and coworkers, and I wish them well during this difficult time." 
"Terrible news from Orlando airport today with the death of a TSA agent," Sen. Marco Rubio said. "Please pray for the family and all impacted by todays horrible tragedy.​"

Monday, November 13, 2017

Heroic Actions: TSA Agent Took Smoking Bag Away

This is a good story of a TSA Agent risking his life. He didn't know what was in the smoking bag. It didn't matter. He didn't want to take a chance with the lives of everyone else around him.
Smoking Camera Battery Sparks Scare at Orlando Airport, Canceling Flights
NBC News
November 11, 2017

A lithium ion camera battery apparently caught fire and began smoking at Orlando International Airport on Friday, causing a panic that toppled stanchions, raised fears of a shooting and canceled around 24 flights, authorities said.

The airport said that a loud noise was reported at around 5 p.m. in front of a security checkpoint, and "In an abundance of caution, passengers inside the terminal were instructed to exit the building while Orlando Police and Orlando International Airport staff investigated.”

Greater Orlando International Aviation Authority CEO Phil Brown said in a letter posted online Saturday that the camera battery inside the bag apparently caught fire and began to smoke, the passenger dropped the bag and emergency responders moved it away from crowds.

"Others hearing the luggage being dropped, stanchions falling, and rapid movement mistook the sounds as gunfire and within seconds a spontaneous evacuation of the main terminal occurred," Brown said in the letter.
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But the story got even better! 

TSA releases footage of agent, army veteran grabbing bag during security scare at OIA

He was in the Army for 20 years, then joined the TSA after 9-11. Rick Perez said "Somebody had to do it and it was me."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iraq Veteran reaches plea agreement with OIA over bomb parts

Man accused of trying to smuggle bomb parts on OIA flight reaches plea agreement
Willoughby Mariano and Amy L. Edwards Sentinel Staff Writers
July 1, 2009

A man accused of trying to carry bomb parts onto a plane at Orlando International Airport last year will enter a plea to a misdemeanor after experts concluded he did not pose as serious a security threat as first thought.

Kevin Brown, 33, faces up to 12 months in prison on a charge of entering an aircraft or airport area in violation of security requirements but has already spent 14 months in jail awaiting trial. Originally, he was charged with attempting to place an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft, which carries a sentence of 20 years.

Brown, a troubled U.S. Army veteran from Jamaica who served in the Iraq war, was not a terrorist, his attorney Wayne Golding said.
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Man accused of trying to smuggle bomb parts on OIA flight reaches plea agreement