Sunday, November 9, 2008

11 year old angel, Brenden Foster's family needs help

This was left as a comment on my original post.
I am a very close friend of the family and I must say that Brenden is such an inspiration to so many people.My kids and I love him so much and will miss him dearly. I know that Wendy(Brenden's mother) Would never ask of anything from anyone and only hopes that Brenden has inspired people to help others as he has tried to do. I however am asking for help for this family. I see her everyday struggling to make ends meet and they are having a hard time finding funds for his final resting place. There is a benevolence fund that has been set up for Brenden. It is at Washington Mutual bank under the Brenden Foster Cancer Fund.Thank you so much for all your comments. I know that Wendy shares comments to Brenden every night and they are very thankful for all of your support.

I called the news station to see if they had the address for the bank to make donations. I was told they have a Problem Solvers Fund and will get the money directly to the family. Until I have better information, here it is.

Problem Solvers At KOMO TV
Brenden Foster Fund
140 Fourth Ave. North, Suite 370,
Seattle, WA 98109

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  1. When I read this article and saw the video about Brenden, I was so touched and inspired to see SUCH a brave little boy. He is brave and strong beyond belief. I just want that precious angel to know that his caring heart is a gift from God and that I will be and have been feeding homeless people here in Baltimore whenever I can, from now on,I will tell the homeless people who I give food to, that it is a gift from an angel named Brenden Foster. Brenden you are loved and I can't thank you enough for the inspiration you have given me in your true bravery.May you find peace with God when you go home to live with him in Heaven. God knows that you will never hurt anymore and your mom will have such a wonderful angel to watch over her. Love to you sweetie.
    Ms. Jenny from Baltimore, Md.

  2. Dear Chaplain Kathie Costos,

    Thank you so much for your message about Brenden. Since I saw Brendens story yesterday, I have not been able to think of anything else. What an amazing spirit he has. I so appreciated him sharing his story with all of us. I was going to contact the news station today to find out how I could help Brenden and his lovely family. Like Brended, when we are prompted to help others we must find a way and and like Brenden "just do it". Is there any special wish that Brenden has that all of us can help with? Please keep us posted. Let Brenden and his family know that we love them and pray that they may have the continual strength to endure during this most difficult trial.

    Love and Prays
    Lafferty Family
    Wake Forest, North Carolina

  3. When you see the love, compassion, mercy in such a young child while facing the end of his life, it is inspiring. There is so many other things this sweet angel could ask for but he thought about the people too many have forgotten, this nation's homeless. He could have asked to meet a famous person, go to Disney or anything else to amuse himself, but his heart was tugged to think of others instead. When I read the comments on this post and the other post, I am sure his compassion will live on long after this earthly angel leaves this earth to return home to his Holy Father in paradise. Please hold him in your hearts and his mother in your prayers. Thank you all for the comments left here and on the other post. They are testaments of the goodness inspired by this touching report.

  4. I just heard today that Brenden dies in his mothers arms on Friday. I was doing reserach and came upon this little boys story. If his mom reads this. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a very couragous little boy. My heart is full of sorrow that the world lost such an Angel. Please I know he is resting with God.


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