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How many times have you survived something and wondered why? Did God save you or, did God do it to you? Chris was done waiting for miracles. After all, God washed His hands of Chris a long time ago. When the shock of surviving wore off, regret took its place. He saw everything he had slip right out of his hands. A successful career as a reporter covering wars was gone. His marriage was gone. All the friends he had were gone. The only friend he had left was his bartender. He lost hope, faith, and the will to do anything, including existing, but God wasn't done with him yet.


Stranger Angels Among Us Part Two

Kindle Edition
Success does not stop struggles. Often, it brings more. Chris lived in darkness until a strange series of events brought him back into the light. He didn’t want to go back into that hell but he knew it was the only way to take others out of it. To deliver them from the evil surrounding them, he had to battle the body of the church, phony Christians using the term as a weapon, and his own shattered pride.

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