Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Multiple states petition Obama to secede from Union

2012 Election Results
President Obama
332 Electoral Votes
62,303,495 Popular Votes

Mitt Romney
Electoral Votes
58,930,322 Popular Votes

but that was last week and this is this week?

Multiple states petition Obama to secede from Union, start own governments
NOVEMBER 12, 2012

On November 12, 2012, Policy Mic reported that 18 states have filed petitions with the White House to withdraw from the Union and create their own governments. The petitions followed President Obama’s tight race that left many Republicans and Independents surprised and in shock. As fear mounts as to what four more years under Obama’s leadership spreads amongst many citizens nationwide, many have turned to signing their state’s official petition on the White House website. While many debate the results the petitions will have in the end, they do signify that a portion of the nation remains divided after the nation has faced the costliest presidential election in U.S. history.

States that have Filed Petitions to Secede from Union

As of Monday morning, the 18 states that have requested secession from the Union include Georgia, New York, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Colorado, Montana, New Jersey, Indiana, North Dakota, Oregon and Missouri.
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Really strange when you think President Obama won some of these states.

What would Texas do without all the military bases there? Military bases belong to the federal government and not to Texas. Sure you can debate the National Guards, but again, do they own all the equipment or does the government? North Carolina? Gee there are military bases there too that belong to the federal government. Colorado? Yep. bases there too. Oh, hell, here's some on the list.

Moody AFB Valdosta, Georgia
Robins AFB Houston, Georgia

Camp Frank D. Merrill Dahlonega, Georgia
Fort Benning Columbus, Georgia
Fort Gillem Forest Park, Georgia
Fort Gordon Augusta, Georgia
Fort McPherson East Point, Georgia
Fort Stewart Liberty, Georgia
Hunter Army Airfield Savannah, Georgia

MCLB Albany Albany, Georgia

Kings Bay Submarine BaseKings Bay, Georgia
NAS Atlanta Marietta, Georgia

New York
Major Installations

Fort Drum
Watervlient Arsenal
West Point
Fort Hamilton

Air Force
Stewart AGS
Hancock Field AGS
Coast Guard
ANT Long Island
ANT New York
Sector New York
Sector Long Island Sound
Sector Field Office Moriches
Station Jones Beach
Station New York
Personnel Totals

Army 17,219
Navy & Marine Corps 2,636
Air Force 677
Coast Guard 1,218
Active Duty Military 20,532
Reserve and National Guard 50,665
Total Personnel 71,197

That should give you an idea but this here are the links to more of the above states.
South Carolina military bases
Arkansas military bases
Louisiana military bases
Texas military bases
Alabama military bases

Florida military bases Almost forgot. What about all the wounded veterans these states have now? VA hospitals? Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid?

Wait! Florida is on the list too. That means Florida would have to pay back the federal government for the huge new VA hospital it is building at Lake Nona. Without veterans here and no hospital plus I doubt the state could afford to pay for the other VA facilities here, I would just have to move back to Massachusetts. No bases would also mean less military families here, so again, no real reason to stay here. There would be no snowbirds coming down here for the winters, so there goes the extra income from them. Sure there are always the theme parks but if Florida has turned away military bases, it will no longer be considered a military friendly state.

Somehow I bet the other states with petitions never really thought it all out and what it would all mean to their state.

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