Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marine detained over road rage caught on camera

The victims of the attack were interviewed on this 10 News YouTube Video Camp Pendleton road rage victim tells his side of the story UPDATE to this story
Marine investigated in videotaped road rage at Camp Pendleton
By Michael Martinez
April 5, 2013

A Marine is cited with communicating a threat in a videotaped road rage incident
His unit is gathering information for potential legal or administrative proceedings
Marine in a wheelchair and her brother were in other car
Video shows young man using hands and feet to wail on vehicle

(CNN) -- A Marine is being investigated for potential legal or administrative proceedings after a video this week showed him in a profanity-loaded road rage against another motorist at Camp Pendleton, California, a Marines spokesman said Friday.

The Marine, whose name, rank or unit weren't being released, was cited for communicating a threat in the incident, but he wasn't charged as of Friday, said Sgt. Christopher Duncan, a Camp Pendleton spokesman.

The video, which went viral on the Internet, shows a young man yelling outside a truck, and he uses his hands and feet to wail on the truck whose driver sits calmly behind the wheel with the window rolled up. A woman passenger films the video.
The driver sat there calm as can be while the Marine went wild. The driver is caretaker of a wounded Marine, in the passenger seat. She is the one filming the whole thing.
Marine detained over road rage caught on camera
9 News
ninemsn staff
April 4, 2013

"The passenger is a wounded female Marine and the driver is her caregiver brother."

A decorated US Marine has been detained and may face charges after terrorising a paraplegic woman and her caregiver as they sat in their car.

Footage shows the unidentified young Marine sergeant, who reportedly is a Purple Heart recipient, unleash a three-minute-long tirade of abuse against the pair, who barely move a muscle in response.

At one point the inflamed marine bashes on their car window and lets out a high-pitched scream as he challenges the driver to open his door.

The incident happened at Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base in southern California, on Monday afternoon and apparently stemmed from a driving dispute.
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  1. Pendleton knowingly allows unstable men to serve. That base has drug and rape issues. They teach these guys to use PTSD as an excuse. He will probably be promoted.
    like the guy in this site


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