Friday, January 29, 2016

Top Charities Do More For Veterans With Less Awareness For Themselves

Just to focus on something positive for a change, Top charities give larger portion to services than Wounded Warrior Project" on Stars and Stripes covered WWP but also covered what others do, so in a way, a valuable report to know next time you want to write a check.
“The donors’ money, they want it to go to the mission of Homes for Our Troops. So, if they give us $10, they want to know most of it is going to build that home,” said retired Army Gen. Richard Cody, chairman of the board for the charity, which builds specially equipped homes for veterans across the United States.
David Coker, president of the Fisher House Foundation, said his charity largely operates by word of mouth without marketing. It spent about 2 percent of its money on fundraising in 2014.
“We think if we just focus on meeting the needs in our lane that good things are going to happen,” he said.
Meanwhile, 91 percent of Fisher House expenses went directly into free lodging for military families so they can be close to a loved one during an illness or medical treatment. The group operates 67 locations and served about 25,000 families in 2014.
So pretty much, money has been donated to raise awareness about WWP while others do more work with less and don't advertise for themselves.

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