Friday, April 8, 2016

Veteran Lost Job After 3 Tours and a Cellphone Captured Words Said?

Video of altercation between Muslim teen, Marine in Coldwater goes viral was the headline from WWMT out of Michigan. Pretty much made me sick to think that after all these years of the military telling all of us that our servicemen and women are being trained to "prevent PTSD" along with "prevent suicides" what we see is all too often more suffering while we get excuses from Brass and politicians with jurisdiction over everything. They love to forget we noticed that is what their jobs are and what they get paid to do.

Ok, so this is the part that bothered me the most out of this whole ugly story. A family member had this to say.

"He claims the teens were mouthing off and his uncle reacted. He also says his uncle suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving 3 tours in the middle east--and a woman we spoke to says that's the name she knows."
If you know veterans, they say all kinds of things that they don't mean. Coming from a family of them, I cannot remember how many times I heard something stupid and that is from 3 generations of veterans. Thank God someone didn't pull out a cellphone every time you said something you shouldn't have said.  I know I do.

This veteran would have received all the training we were told would work to take care of them after combat.  They just failed to mention that none of it worked and the repeated deployments increased the risk of PTSD, which they knew, but ignored and sent them back over and over again.

With all that in mind, there is this veteran who said something he shouldn't have said after something happened to set him off. Because one of the "kids" pulled out a cellphone, this is what happened to him after 3 tours risking his life.
"As for the man in the video, his relative tells us he lost his job today because of the video."
I think you should watch the video now after you have that thought in your mind.  Is it fair to you? Click the link above and see what happened for yourself especially if you have a veteran in your family. 

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