Friday, July 1, 2016

Stolen Valor: Fake Arrested For Third Time

Man poses as Army veteran to get jobs Used forge document and Purple Heart license plate
ABC Action News
Erik Waxler
Jun 30, 2016

Records show Lang has been arrested twice before for the same thing.
Norm Giunta served in the Navy and, when he has the chance, he hires veterans to work for Bella Pool Service.

“If I can teach them a trade depending on their aptitude. We’ll move them up in pay as well as knowledge and give them more responsibility,” he said.

That’s why Guinta was glad to hire Stephen Lang, seen in his latest mug shot wearing a t-shirt that reads "veteran."

“He was in dire need of employment. And me being a veteran myself, I felt compelled to give him a shot,” Guinta said.

Guinta said Lang claimed to be an Army veteran who not only served in Afghanistan and Iraq but was injured in combat.

“He did show me his toe. It looked like it was quite deformed. He said that he also had two bullets logged in his spine,” he said.
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