Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Missing Veteran Alert Brian Rossell PTSD Service Dog Led Searchers to River

29-year-old Brian Rossell was found in Lake Wausau Thursday afternoon. Police said evidence shows he took his own life. A person bird watching located his body which was found 150 feet from shore near the Eagles Cub landing. An autopsy will be conducted Friday.

Police searching for man in Wisconsin River
Arielle Hines, -Wisconsin
September 6, 2016

WAUSAU - Police were searching the Wisconsin River Tuesday morning for a Wausau man who has been missing since Sunday night.

Brian Rossell
(Photo: Wausau Police Department)
Brian Rossell, 29, left his home without his keys, wallet, ID and phone, near The Store in Wausau with his service dog at around 8:30 p.m. Sunday, police said. Rossell never leaves home without his service dog, but the dog was found in the parking lot of his apartment complex with no collar or leash at 11:30 p.m., police said.

Rossell has a service dog because he is a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder and the dog is used as a companion for the man, said Wausau Police Lt. Andrew Hartwig. Rossell's girlfriend also told police he suffers from depression, paranoia, anxiety and schizoaffective disorder, a release said. 

Search crews have been looking for Rossell along the Wisconsin River because the dog led his girlfriend to the river and started whimpering, Hartwig said.

Search crews were searching for Rossell at the Wausau Dam on Tuesday morning, Hartwig said. Police will also search for Rossell at the downtown islands, parks and river until he is found, according to a release.
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