Sunday, July 23, 2017

UK Firefighters Help Comes In Tiny Stunt After Grenfell Towers

All of us remember hearing the news about Grenfell Towers burning. Few of us know what happened after the fire was put out.
Scotland Yard named 18 of the dead and withheld the identities of 22 more at the requests of their families. Besides those named by police, 15 people were identified when their inquests were opened and adjourned at Westminster coroner’s court . Officers believe that 255 people survived the fire.
And that is the problem. We never seem to be able to pay attention after the fire stops burning. Just as we never seem able to pay attention after wars start, police standoffs end and guns go quiet. 

We avoid asking any questions about the response our first responders get, because after all, it is their jobs to face everything they encounter and deal with it. Right? Isn't that what we expect?

Well, I'm here to tell you that they should be able to expect a lot out of us in return. This story is about firefighters in the UK, but they are just as human as firefighters all over the world and equally ignored. Its just so easy to forget they run into what all of us run away from for a reason.

Anyway, when they suffer for saving our lives, who the hell is fighting to save theirs?

Read this story but while you are, notice that the response to these first responders suffering is other members after a 1 day training course. Yep~
Police and firefighters seek help from mental health charity after Grenfell fire and terror incidents 
Evening Standard UK 
3 hours ago 

But one officer said TriM was rushed in and was being delivered by "current police officers who have done a one-day training course."

A post-traumatic stress charity has issued a stark warning about poor mental health support for frontline staff and revealed members of the emergency services reached out for help in the wake of recent major incidents.
 (note: yes that is playground equipment)
Around 30 police officers and firefighters have been in contact with PTSD999 seeking support with the condition following the Grenfell Tower fire and recent terror attacks. Dany Cotton, commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, said the welfare of staff was paramount after the Grenfell disaster, while the Metropolitan Police said it had specialist programmes in place after recent high profile events.
Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation, and Sean Starbuck, lead officer for mental health with the Fire Brigades Union, said care was improving but raised concerns over cuts to resources.
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I've been doing this for almost 35 years and I'm still learning facts as much as I've read pure BS. I did two years of training to become a Chaplain and do Crisis Intervention as well as grief and loss, just to be able to work with the responders. Reading about a 1 day training in response to this, is a pathetic tiny stunt so they can say, "well we did something about it" instead of we did everything possible for them.

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