Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stronger Together...not in all cases

Yet again, let down by something I thought would be wonderful.  Couple of things bug me about this news of a movie with a great title, "We Are Stronger" because hey, been using that myself for over 3 decades. 

Anyway, then I read it was about faith, and I thought, great someone decided to address how important faith was when trying to heal PTSD. 

Problems popped up right away after that. 

The "writer/director" had no experience with veterans or PTSD. Then, what made that news worse was where she got her "knowledge" from.

C: What kind of research did you do for this project?

RM: I read Lt. Col. [Dave] Grossman’s book On Combat. He teaches resiliency courses with the military. It was a very good resource for me. Also, I read Rev. Chris Adsit’s book The Combat Trauma Healing Manual, which walks people through a group study. I worked through the manual myself. It has a lot of firsthand accounts and actual journal entries from people dealing with [PTSD]. Working through that manual, I got a good picture of what it looked like. Also, I watched a documentary on PTSD, [The War Comes Home], which was [hosted] by Soledad O’Brien on CNN. That gave me some great ideas of what to write in the script.
Hep! That guy who is part of the reason the troops have been hearing the PTSD is because they were mentally weak and didn't train right because of "resilience training" and "Battlemind" which also did more harm than good.

When the DOD decided to say that the troops could train their brains to be mentally tough and prevent suicides, they heard they were weak and didn't train right. Not much inspiration to go and talk to a buddy about needing help after they heard that.

Anyway, you can read the article here
We Are Stronger Makes Pitch for Faith to Play Role in Treating Veterans with PTSD

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