Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gulf War Veteran fined for having flashback while parking?

Navy veteran with PTSD is fined £100 for 'overstaying' in a parking space while recovering from a flashback - before car park firm reject his appeal and threaten to sue him
Daily Mail
Rory Tingle
February 25, 2018

Mr Clamp received a penalty charge notice from Euro Car Parks for overstaying in a 20-minute maximum stay space. His is pictured embracing his son, David, on the deck of HMS Hecla after returning from the Gulf War in September 1991
EXCLUSIVE: Tim Clamp, 60, had a PTSD flashback at petrol station near Gatwick
He explained incident to shop assistant before driving off to pick up a taxi client
Five days later Euro Car Parks demanded £100 for overstaying 20-minute limit
Firm rejected Gulf War veteran's appeal even after hearing evidence of condition
Subsequently increased fine to £160 and threatened to take Mr Clamp to court
Local MP Nick Herbert slammed the parking company for its lack of 'empathy'
A Gulf War veteran with PTSD was fined for overstaying by 20 minutes in a parking space while recovering from a flashback before having his appeal rejected despite providing medical evidence for his condition.

Tim Clamp, 60, had parked his Ford taxi at Gatwick North Shell petrol station while waiting to pick up a customer when a minor argument with another motorist sparked a 'very distressing' mental episode that left him immobilised.

After he recovered, the Royal Navy veteran and Sussex Police crime investigator explained what had happened to a shop assistant before driving off and 'blanking' the incident from his mind.
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