Sunday, February 11, 2018

Veterans "Choice" is for promises to be kept!

When officials talk about "Choice" they omit the fact that our veterans should never be subjected to having to chose between the healthcare they were promised, or having to deal with the system the rest of us have to endure. After all, these are the same folks who continually remind us how bad our system is. These men and women became disabled serving this country, but apparently the long list of presidents forgot that part!

If it does not work right, they forgot it was their job to fix it! The picture above has President Lincoln because of the motto the VA uses. The other presidents, starting with Kennedy, are all the presidents we've had since I was born. None of them have lived up to the promise to "care" even though all of them talked about how much they did.

This is why I do not like politicians on either side!

There is an article about Choice Act that offers a great reminder of a very simply fact,
The Choice Act reimburses veterans who seek medical care outside of VA. There are two bills pending in Congress to amend it. Trump favors the one that would most aggressively expand options for veterans to see providers who are not on the government payroll, saying the beleaguered agency can’t adequately care for the 9 million veterans it serves.
It isn't as if the over 20 million veterans are all going to the VA. It is less than half and only 20% go to the VA for all their healthcare. So when do Presidents and Congress actually live up to that motto?

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