Thursday, March 1, 2018

More BS on privatization of the VA!

More BS on privatization of the VA!

Vets groups want a meeting with Trump to sort out VA choice impasse
"Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee, called on both sides of the argument to recognize that private and community care, when properly integrated with the VA's health care system, was in the best interests of veterans caught up in wait lists for appointments, or who need specialized treatment unavailable at the local VA."

Oh, well, then he must not know about what our healthcare looks like. I have to deal with what the rest of the population has to go through, and while members of Congress keep telling us how lousy our healthcare is, they want to dump disabled veterans into this mess? Are they out of their minds?

Did he bother to check the history of all this?

This should not even be debated! Fix the VA since veterans were disabled while putting their lives on the line every time Congress sent them to fight wars and risk their lives across the world! Did they forget it was their job to fix it or did they care more about breaking it to sell off the care these veterans were promised?

How much BS are we going to put up with?

Maybe someone should send him this!

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