Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Marine veteran ran to help rollover victim

Marine veteran helps I-25 rollover victim
NBC 9 News
Author: Jennifer Meckles
May 1, 2018
“The Marines, they teach you to stay calm. And in a situation like this, that’s the number one, most important thing – you’re not thinking straight unless you’re calm.”

On Tuesday morning, Ryan Erwin was in a meeting at work when he and his colleagues heard a crash outside their office at Metro Construction near downtown Denver. Looking across Interstate 25, they could see the aftermath.

“I looked over the highway and I saw a truck on its side,” Erwin said. “I just kind of jumped into that first response, which is, you better go make sure everybody’s OK!”

Erwin ran across the interstate to the scene of the crash. He found a truck on its side, and the driver trying to climb out. Several other people were gathering around also trying to help.

“At that point, [the driver] was halfway out, crawling out the top," Erwin explained. "I helped him to the ground, I asked him some questions to make sure he was coherent, that he didn’t have any head injuries. and he seemed ok – but you never, know.”

“I remember he took my face,” said Steve Holden, the driver.

He said Erwin gave him directions and took control of the situation until first responders arrived.
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