Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why is the Army paying UCF even more money for PTSD?

"ONE STUDY THEY HAD 100" AND THE NEXT IT WAS "92" but the Army thinks this is worth yet another $10 million dollars?

UCF RESTORES started in 2011 with $5 million from the Department of Defense, enough to operate for five years. Since then, the clinic has treated Pulse survivors, nearly 300 veterans and first responders from 20 states.
A little over a year ago the program’s funds got so low that it was in danger of closing. But then it received $3 million in federal funds last year, along with $2.5 million from the state's budget after local lawmakers pushed for the funding. It’ll also receive part of a $6.6 million donation earlier this year from UCF alum Jim Rosengren.
“Most of our work so far has been with veterans. Our goal for this project is to see if our treatment is as effective with an all-active-duty population,” said Dr. Deborah Beidel, director of RESTORES.
Read the rest here and they you'll understand why most of the time I look like this!

All that money and yet the last report out of Florida for known veteran suicides was,

Jan 19, 2018 - Florida Population 2018. Our current estimate for Florida's population in 2018 is 21.31 million.

(and drum roll please)

The number of Veterans in Florida isFlorida has the third largest population of veterans in the nation after California and Texas with more than 1.5 million veterans
And who are all the new groups focusing on? It isn't the over 35 year olds WHO ARE ACTUALLY THE MAJORITY OF THE "KNOWN" SUICIDES! 

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