Saturday, June 23, 2018

Because you did cry their tears

Older veterans cried the same tears
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
June 23, 2018

Considering this is PTSD Awareness Month, the most important thing has been missing from what you need to be aware of. The results prove that.

The latest suicide report from the Department of Veterans Affairs is missing a lot of information, but within the report it states two very damning facts.

Veterans over the age of 50 are over 58% of the known suicides, and veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians.

Pretty shocking stuff considering the topic is all over social media and stunts are pulled all over the country on a daily basis to "raise awareness" of the deaths, but few offer hope of healing.

Very hard to take for any advocate, especially when there have been decades of research to prevent veterans from taking their own lives after surviving combat.

"I'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes, give you courage in a world of compromise" so the song goes and how I wish I could change things for you. The sadness in your eyes does not go away because there is a smile on your face. Yet, those same eyes that have seen way too much, end up shining when you heal.

It seems that most people want what is easy, while you did what was hard. They want easy solutions, slogans that make them feel better, but do not accomplish much else, and fast answers, so they do not have to look too hard.

Why do you continue to risk your life now after you risked it for everyone else? Is it your pride? Do you fear being seen as weak? Then you've been getting the wrong message. This is an old video I did and it shows what PTSD is.

And here is another one on grieving.

If you grieve, then you cared and there is nothing weak about that. It took a lot of inner strength to put your life on the line.

Find that same care for your own life now and heal so you can still help others now. When you can, you can take away the sadness in someone eyes of someone else, because you did cry their tears!

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