Sunday, June 10, 2018

What feeds your power?

Is Your Power Source Changed or Charged
PTSD Patrol 
Kathie Costos 
June 10, 2018
Last week I had to bring my car into KIA for maintenance. Since the only way I could get shots of under my car for PTSD Patrol, I bought my camera.

Standing under it, seeing everything that is hidden, but always there, I started to think about how the same thing goes on with all of us. 

We can see a lot on the surface. There are things we see but there is so much more going on than what we can see within us.

We have histories in our lives. Bad times when it all turned to crap and times when things were so good, we ended up thinking we did not deserve it. Funny how that works. Bad shit happens and we tend to think we didn't deserve it, then good stuff happens and we don't think we deserve that either.

We are charged by both. Negative things happen, as well as positive just like our car batteries. The battery feeds the rest of the vehicle through cables. Sometimes those cables get corroded and the energy cannot feed the power.

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