Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Boom Boom Boobs Blowing Big Bucks

Common sense moment: Fireworks bother everyone who did not have a choice to hear them! Plain and simple!

Sure it sounds like a great news story to cover what veterans with PTSD go through. Because this neighborhood or that one has plenty of people with enough disposable funds to blow off fireworks for weeks. 

They do not care they are taking away the choice of their other neighbors to live in peace or participate, they won't care about a veteran living in the neighborhood either. 

OK, so, it is not just veterans jumping out of their skin. Babies, elderly, pets, anyone who has to get up early the next morning and the list goes on.

If you are a veteran, have a plan for the endless annoyance of boom-boom boobs. 

Get headphones. 

Turn up the TV or music as loud as possible.

Remember, sooner or later, these people will run out of money! If you're lucky, they'll be out of fireworks tonight and eating PP and J sandwiches until payday.

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